Category: Blessing

  • Children Live Forever

    Children Live Forever

    Live forever. Dance forever. Sing forever. Smile forever in the Heavens God made for you. God’s Kingdom was built for you. God’s children are His joy

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  • Allured Home

    Allured Home

    His Word says, love Me first. So I do. Love Him first. 

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  • Cut The Ribbon

    Cut The Ribbon

    Radiant. Tight and taut. You stretch the ribbon adorning the entryway to the promised land where you dive in to occupy residence. The bow is tied. It waits shiny and red. Untouched with the best threads of silk. One incision will slice the ribbon. Unfurl the vision of Heaven. Where paradise begins…

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  • Work It

    Work It

    Tears flowered out like rose petals when He felt the brushing silk on his lips. The aromatic scent of her incense. The soft and supple skin of her thumbprint etched in his hand.

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  • Blessed Hearts

    Blessed Hearts

    Lavish love. He gives me lavish love… lavish living… lavish affection… lavish lilies blossoming in the garden He planted Himself. What do you give the King of the universe? Every longing. Every desire.

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  • Jesus Saves The Last Dance

    Jesus Saves The Last Dance

    When the music starts playing he knows what to do. And where to find you. When he holds you and moves you

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  • Blessed and Unoffended

    Blessed and Unoffended

    Jesus said “And blessed is the one who is not offended by Me.” Matthew 11:6 I love Jesus’ unwavering heart… His confidence and resilience. His unchanging essence as God. Jesus came and many were offended by His words… His ways… His different-than-expected dawning. But even so, many were wooed close to Him. Captivated by Him.…

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  • The Blessing is Worth the Burden  

    The Blessing is Worth the Burden  

      In the springtime pollen fills my grocery cart with Kleenex. I sneeze every season as I go outside. Still I love the spring. I can’t stay out of the flowers and sunshine. It’s got me thinking… In spring, in life, in everything… the blessings we experience come with a burden attached to it. For…

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