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  • Jesus Exudes Rest

    Jesus Exudes Rest

    Rest in the love of the Savior. Jesus… He embodies rest. He revitalizes rest. He nurtures rest. Words from Jesus impart rest into every part of your essence.

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  • God’s Love Embrace

    God’s Love Embrace

    One my favorites from the Archive. Originally published 02.12.2019. ♥️ God’s Love Embrace Come away with me My lovesays your GodCome away with Me and rest For I’m not One to leave you emptyMy heart it pours the best So come and seethe mysteryAwaiting you and MeMy love for youIt’s heaven sentAbounding oceans deep My…

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  • The Liberation of Rest

    The Liberation of Rest

    Unwind… breathe in… the fresh air of frosted lavender and mahogany teakwood graces the forests for you. Breathe out… the aromatic essence of your aura ignites the lilies to bloom. Rest is found in this place of oneness with the Lord your God. The place of open skies. The place of fireflies dancing in the…

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  • Supernatural Love

    Supernatural Love

      Endless love… I rest here in His endless love because I feel it supernaturally. Cosmically. Intrinsically. He wakens me to hear His presence over me and with me all around. Feel His love for you… Endless love… rest here in His endless love washing over you. Adoring you. Imploring you to trust Him with…

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  • Jesus hold me forever

    Jesus hold me forever

        thank You for Your lightness thank You for Your tranquility   floating   here I’m floating   in the seas that cradle me like a dahlia holds the raindrops   drip drop drip  drop   glowing   here I’m glowing   in the light that warms me like a smile warms the heart…

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  • “God, I’m Tired.”

    Lately I’ve found myself longing for rest. Longing for things to slow down. Needing relaxation. Needing rejuvenation. With a busy schedule and responsibilities beckoning, I just wanted some time to relax. Getting ready to depart for a Christian young adult conference this past weekend called Passion, I was so excited to get away for a…

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