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  • Short Story: The Stables

    Short Story: The Stables

    “Why him?” she asks. I look up at her brown eyes smirking with curiosity. Behind her, the rolling fields of clovers beckon the same question. Why him? Of all the ones you let get away without a tear, why are you breaking over this one? “You ask as if it’s an impossibility,” I say calmly,…

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  • Pomegranate Lilac – Part 2

    Pomegranate Lilac – Part 2

    In the shadows of an ocean’s sleep, I feel the sea breeze flowing gently as I watch the waves stroll in. Caressing the earth under the stars of a night sky. Moonlight glows through the crinkles in the clouds. Moving ever softly. Seashells are washing up onto the shore like jewels coating a glimmering mosaic.…

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  • Pomegranate Lilac

    Pomegranate Lilac

    The warm summer air met my skin like dew drops on a flower. Moisture accumulating. Clear crystals of liquid resting ever so softly. It’s summertime and the season where every living thing exfoliates under the sun. Like an organic spa treatment. Cleansing the skin. An ongoing ritual of releasing and inhaling the atmosphere’s aura. sun…

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