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Pomegranate Lilac – Part 2

trees at sunest at ocean (2)

In the shadows of an ocean’s sleep, I feel the sea breeze flowing gently as I watch the waves stroll in. Caressing the earth under the stars of a night sky. Moonlight glows through the crinkles in the clouds. Moving ever softly. Seashells are washing up onto the shore like jewels coating a glimmering mosaic. Like hidden treasures tucked within the sand for those who seek.

The sauna of the night is cooling in the salty air. The night shifting into quiet bliss from dusk to starry night. Feet pitter-pattering and laughter turned into relaxing meditations. Everyone basking in the night’s energy echoing in the ocean beyond. It’s an aroma of serenity. Like dandelions dancing in the wind. Like embers crackling softly in a forest of tranquility. Smoke brimming. The fragrance of cedar and oak reminding me of a cabin in the woods.

Reminiscing I can smell the pine tantalizing my imagination. Taking me back to where the green trees mirror the beauty of a butterfly and transform in autumn. New colors of yellows and reds teeming in the forests. Leaves are sprinkling through the wind and I can smell the cinnamon and apple cider indoctrinating the autumn air.

leaves fall softly

in a forest aflutter

my heart it remembers

a touch of autumn wonder

In the forest, there rests an enchantment of melodies. It carries the tune of memories still coated in the earth. Where I first knew what it meant to feel the warmth against my skin. And the way the light shines through the trees when the leaves move. Lightning bugs frolicking in a whimsical world of wonder not knowing where the following will take me.


here and there

enchant my soul

here and everywhere

Lost at sea the aroma of passionfruit blends into the narrative of my nostalgia.  In the evergreens I can taste the sweet rosin of the pine as it melts. Maple and mahogany. Here it’s woven within the elements of an earth ever speaking.

In the cascading forest flowing beyond ocean horizon, the deer are standing watch over their doe. The ants gather food for the winter and soothing streams are the soundtrack playing in my mind. A ladybug is fluttering close enough to see the blooming of a new orchid and how the honeysuckle wraps around the trees. New life ever awakening under the light.

morning dawns

with a deja vu

of the sun touching

earth anew

Eyes open, I see the starry night blending into the new day upon us. My senses brought back to the ocean terrace resting like a seashell on the sandy shore here at the bamboo edge. It’s morning now and the sun is returning in glory. An orangish-pink shade of passionfruit bleeding in the blue. Like pomegranate lilac.

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