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Pomegranate Lilac

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The warm summer air met my skin like dew drops on a flower. Moisture accumulating. Clear crystals of liquid resting ever so softly. It’s summertime and the season where every living thing exfoliates under the sun. Like an organic spa treatment. Cleansing the skin. An ongoing ritual of releasing and inhaling the atmosphere’s aura.

sun kissed by the light

my skin awaits the height

of soaking in glimmers

from the sky

Hours stir as the sun travels across a spectrum of new hues. Sunset is encroaching and the blue sky echoes farewell, ushering in an initiation of the sun bleeding. A captivating horizon now morphing into a pinkish orange shade of passionfruit.

Summer leisure is gliding into the beginnings of summer night awakened. Beaches emptying into the terraces above. I start travelling from the salty shore to where the music sounds. Meandering through the sand, feeling the coolness beneath my feet. The air streaming softly. Held in a photograph of light meeting the elements once again.

Now dusk is making its entrance and setting the ambiance. Like a bottle of merlot in a garden of gardenias. Like a violin wooing lovers to dance. The sun’s flame penetrates the darkness and I can feel it ever still. The moisture of the day lingering in the molecules of the night. It feels like a fine mist coating the skin with delicate fragrance. A mix of pomegranate lilac pirouetting in my pores.

the richness I taste

in the horizon’s embrace

of the sun

it always leaves me undone

Gliding along I reach a staircase that circles up to rustic dance floors. Palm trees swaying in the breeze. All around a canopy of clouds reaches down to meet us then flows back up again. Like a decorative gesture from the host of summer. Simmering in the shadows. Cascading back into the whirlwind of a midsummer night’s dream. Where beaches send their melody of waves upon the shore. Sand beneath the feet moves its dancers from samba to salsa. Fabrics of silk drape the skin as feathers on a dove. Like a flowing fan gently swaying as it moves.

Gliding through the sea of people, I stroll to the edge where the bamboo breathes in the salt from the ocean. I look out at the calming waters. Resting from the love it gave its beach goers in the day. Steady it moves. Calmly it sways. Remembering the day. Smiling of tomorrow.

calming waters

who is Your maker

it’s here can I see you’re a

vision I’m wanting to savor

The waves gently glide into the shore. In the sky above, the night is falling, and stars are peaking through the veil of a navy blue sky. Like a shimmery coat of velvet. Sparkling against a waterfall of champagne. In my ear New Rhumba sounds from the dj who’s favorite must be Miles Davis. It’s the third track played tonight and my feet know the rhythm. It’s here the terrace dances into midnight. Leaving no traces of the sun. Only the dew of pomegranate lilac. And a breeze soft and serene.


Part II next week 😊…


Summertime alchemy of what started as descriptive prose, then poetry and story.  I plan to be sharing more stories and poems like this on my blog as I particularly like it. So stay tuned everyone. 😊 Thanks for reading.

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