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The Anarchy

Ocean Storm

Night sky would you roar

With thunder

Close in expanses of distance and wonder


Here my heart lingers in the spaces

of an earth quaked desert

Two sides split apart

Like we’re bookends in the dark

Widening from the additions

of narratives accumulating

Will we meet again

Will we find an escape


Only when books are unshelved and read

Do we find the closeness drawing in

Back and forth

No warning it gives

One glimpse

Then swept back again


Like the tide pulling back the ocean

It never reaches the sand

Though it longs to rest on dry land


And I am like one in the depths

Still treading water

In hopes

You’ll find me here

Bookends can float if ships sink

Swim back to me

When winds bring

The tragedy


Let’s send a storm tonight

For then we’ll meet

In the anarchy

of love warring here

For us



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