light in shadowns.jpeg

a peak into Your throne room

eyes aflame to a light

I’ve never seen before

enthralled by a secret place

where melodies drift in spaces

of an atmosphere

angels implore


I see You

all I am longs for You


a trance into the heavens

soul ablaze to a love

I’ve never tasted before

enchanted in the embrace

of a King whose lips

whisper sonnets I’ll remember



You fight for me

all You are melts for me


a love like no other

God, You tantalize my affections

with a deeper yearning for

life in the heavens

with You


spellbound by the Captivator of

a majesty

draped in affectionate hues

Your fragrance

moves me

like the stars dazzle the moon


captivate me here

in Your holy rendezvous

mesmerize me and I’m


from the love light infused

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