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  • Speak The Truth

    Speak The Truth

    tell Me the truthsays your GodI want you totell Me the truthyou don’t need tohide behindwhat youthink theywant youto sayI know what youreallyfeel tell Methe truth I can handle the truthsays your Godthe ugly truththe messy truththe painful truththe lovely truthtell Me He wants the truth speak the truth His grace can handle the truthHis…

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  • One Truth

    One Truth

    Your writings are sacred. Divinely inspired. Melodiously engendered. Penned through human hands and given to human hearts who need a touch from God.

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  • Pave The Path of Blessing or Wrath

    Pave The Path of Blessing or Wrath

    Eternal life and all it’s beauty awaits those who want Jesus Christ… but the Bible says rejection of Him provokes destruction.

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  • Blessed and Unoffended

    Blessed and Unoffended

    Jesus said “And blessed is the one who is not offended by Me.” Matthew 11:6 I love Jesus’ unwavering heart… His confidence and resilience. His unchanging essence as God. Jesus came and many were offended by His words… His ways… His different-than-expected dawning. But even so, many were wooed close to Him. Captivated by Him.…

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