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Getting to Know Jesus: John 14


The gospel of John reveals Jesus as the One through whom the world was made . The very Lamb of God, slain for the sins of man. Unlike the other three synoptic gospels, John is laden with a theological tone revealing Christ’s divinity and role as God in the flesh. I love that John also mentions himself in his gospel as “the one that Jesus loved” (John 13:23 & 21:20). He was confident in his identity as Jesus’ beloved. Even when his world was shaken by the arrest and crucifixion of his Lord. May we also be people who find our identity solely in Christ, as His beloved, even when our worlds are shaken by what we experience around us.

Particularly in John chapter 14, Jesus lovingly prepares His disciples for what is about to take place. Little do they know that their Rabbi, and friend, is nearing death and humiliation upon a Roman cross. But Jesus knows. He anticipates His departure and yet he already looks ahead to where He will be…not where He is imminently headed. Jesus possessed care and concern for the ones He led, which compelled him to speak to their anxiety before dealing with His own. Before the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus spent time with His disciples describing to them the hope of his final destination: heaven. Not his looming circumstance: death. Jesus wanted them to know that just as He conquers death, so will His followers. He will come back to rescue.

Jesus knew that his disciples would face persecution, bullying, and humiliation after his death and resurrection. He knew that they would doubt their calling, doubt their purpose, and doubt their abilities at times. So he prepares them beforehand by setting a firm foundation in their minds of hope and anticipation of His return and their home with Him in heaven. We must take advantage of what we have through Christ’s Holy Spirit and let him prepare us before we experience certain struggles that will cause us to doubt our calling, purpose and abilities.

We must remember God’s truth before we are seduced by the lies of our culture. We must believe God’s love for us before we are tempted to think that we’re not good enough. We must be saturated with the hope of Jesus Christ before we get caught up in hoping for things that never last. Preparation is necessary before we can overcome. And this always requires the assistance of the Holy Spirit, who Jesus has sent to us in His name to help us remember all that He has taught.

When Jesus describes the Holy Spirit to his disciples in this passage, having just explained to them His own equality with God, I’m sure the disciples were just scratching their heads wondering just what Jesus was talking about with all these “I am in the Father…the Father is in me…” ideas. But I love how Jesus is bold to declare the truth of his identity despite the ambiguity that it brought to his disciples’ understanding. For them to hear that Jesus is the very image of God, while the Father is also in Jesus, and that there was a whole other part of God called the Holy Spirit was likely an overwhelming teaching lesson…and they had no Trinitarian theology books to help them make sense of it all! They just took Jesus at His word. They knew Jesus. And because they knew Jesus, they trusted Him that what He said was true. If only we would do the same. If only we would take Jesus at His word when he declares who He is to us. There is something valuable to this kind of faith.

As we get to know Jesus in John 14, we see Jesus as our God, our comforter, and our rescuer. John 14 reminds us there is something far greater than what this life has to offer: life with Jesus forever. And that we have hope in the midst of our circumstances by the power of the Holy Spirit working within us. When we allow Jesus to prepare our minds with His truth, we become ready for any kind of battle that we may face. I don’t know about you, but I need that kind of hopeful preparation to remind me of my final destination of being with Jesus, not my impending circumstances. Let us allow Christ, through His Holy Spirit to prepare us with His truth above all else. For He alone is the way, the truth and the life. We are secure in Him. Forevermore.


Summary of John 14

Jesus talks to his disciples just hours before his arrest; Jesus encourages his disciples to not be afraid but to trust in God; Jesus describes His father’s house, where he plans to go and prepare a place for them; Jesus reassures them that He will come back again to take them to the place that He is preparing for them; Thomas asks Jesus how they are to know where Jesus is going; Jesus declares that He Himself is the way to where they will go; Jesus declares who He is in relation to God the Father, elaborating on how He and the Father are one; Philip asks Jesus to show them the Father, but Jesus reminds Him that they have already seen the Father because they have seen Jesus; Jesus tells his disciples that they will be able to do even greater works than He has done; Jesus encourages his disciples that if they ask anything in His name, He will do it; Jesus tells his disciples about the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send at Jesus’ request; Jesus describes the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; Jesus reminds the disciples that He will come back for them; Jesus encourages the disciples to keep His word if they love Him; Jesus reminds them that the ruler of the earth has no claim on Him.

Jesus in John 14

Jesus shows concern for us (v. 1)

Jesus desires to un-trouble our hearts (v. 1)

Jesus is calming (v. 1)

Jesus reassures us to believe in God (v. 1)

Jesus reassures us to believe in Him (v. 1)

Jesus un-troubles our hearts as we believe in Him (v. 1)

Jesus goes to prepare a place for His people in the Father’s house (v. 2)

Jesus prepares (v. 2)

Jesus plans (v. 2)

Jesus builds (v. 2)

Jesus’ words are trustworthy (v. 2)

Jesus will come again (v. 3)

Jesus will rescue us to Himself (v. 3)

Jesus’ place of residence is our place of residence also (v. 3)

Jesus keeps His promises (v. 3)

Jesus is faithful (v. 3)

Jesus tells us we know where he is going (v. 4)

Jesus is the way (v. 6)

Jesus is the truth (v. 6)

Jesus is the life (v. 6)

Jesus is the only One by whom we have access to God the Father (v. 6)

Jesus is the way to the Father (v. 6)

Jesus is the human manifestation of the Father on earth (v. 7)

Jesus is reflective of the Father (v. 9)

Jesus does not speak by His own authority alone (v. 10)

Jesus speaks and does by the Father who dwells in Him (v. 10)

Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in Him (v. 11)

Jesus and the Father are one (v. 11)

Jesus will enable those who believe in Him to do even greater works (v. 12)

Jesus will do whatever we ask in His name (v. 13-14)

Jesus, as the Son, glorifies the Father in answering us (v. 13)

Jesus tells us to keep His commandments if we love Him (v. 15)

Jesus asks the Father to give us the Holy Spirit (v. 16)

Jesus’ Spirit is sent to help us (v. 16)

Jesus’ Spirit is the Spirit of truth (v. 17)

Jesus’ Spirit is not available to the world (v. 17)

Jesus’ Spirit is only available to His followers (v. 17)

Jesus’ Spirit dwells with us (v. 17)

Jesus’ Spirit dwells in us (v. 17)

Jesus will not leave us as orphans (v. 18)

Jesus will come back for us (v. 18)

Jesus will always be seen by us because of His Spirit (v. 19)

Jesus will not be seen by the world (v. 19)

Jesus lives (v. 19)

Jesus’ life gives us life (v. 19)

Jesus’ return will confirm that He is in the Father (v. 20)

Jesus’ return will confirm that we are in Christ (v. 20)

Jesus’ return will confirm that Christ is in us (v. 20)

Jesus’ followers, who love Him, will be loved by the Father (v. 21)

Jesus loves those who love Him (v. 21)

Jesus will manifest Himself to those who love Him (v. 21)

Jesus tells us to keep His Word if we love Him (v. 23)

Jesus will indwell those who love Him (v. 23)

Jesus says those who do not love Him will not be able to keep His word (v. 24)

Jesus’ words are not His own, but His Father’s (v. 24)

Jesus’ Spirit is the Helper (v. 26)

Jesus Spirit is sent by the Father in Jesus’ name (v. 26)

Jesus’ Spirit teaches us (v. 26)

Jesus’ Spirit reminds us of Jesus’ teachings (v. 26)

Jesus gives peace (v. 27)

Jesus doesn’t give in the same way that the world gives (v. 27)

Jesus doesn’t want us to be troubled or afraid (v. 27)

Jesus’ departure to the Father initiates rejoicing (v. 28)

Jesus in human form is not as great as the Father is in His fullness (v. 28)

Jesus warns of the future (v. 29)

Jesus wants us to be ready for His return (v. 29)

Jesus is never overruled by the ruler of the world, Satan (v. 30)

Jesus does as the Father commands Him (v. 31)

Jesus’ works reveal that He loves the Father (v. 31)

 “Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also. From now on you do know Him and have seen Him.”

– John 14:6 –

Questions for Today:

“This I Believe (The Creed)” by Hillsong Worship

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