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Getting to Know Jesus: Revelation 22


To know that Jesus is coming soon comforts my soul. No matter what we face in the midst of momentary troubles, Jesus will return to restore our weakened souls into a marvelous reflection of His glory. And we will be forever held in the arms of the One we were made for. The One who holds the universe together. The One who can satisfy. Sometimes I wish Jesus would just come back now. That He would come and rescue us from this world wrought with pain and confusion. And bring us into His glorious dwelling place, at the feet of the One whom the universe cries out to in praise and wonder. But that time has not yet come. We are left here for a reason. To live out our lives like Jesus and share with others what we’re all waiting for. The hope of eternity with our Savior.

In Revelation 22, Jesus exclaims many times over that He is indeed returning for us. Through prophecies of events yet to come in the book of Revelation revealed to his disciple, John, Jesus gives us a glimpse into the future, elevating our sense of urgency to make the most of the time we have now. Exiled on the rocky, barren island of Patmos for proclaiming the gospel in Rome, John probably thought that his purpose in life had come to a halt.  There was nobody around him to talk to, nobody to share Christ with, nobody at all. Surely nothing fruitful could come from being exiled upon a rocky, barren island. But Jesus proves him otherwise. In this midst of his dry and seemingly useless circumstance, Jesus shows up in an extraordinary way to John. When he least expected it. Because of this revelation, John authored the most prolific book of the Biblical canon. Out of a rocky, barren place came a fresh anointing of revelation.

This is so applicable to our lives today, which are filled with rocky and barren places…rocky and barren circumstances… rocky and barren hopes. In the midst of your dry and weary circumstance, know that Jesus has a revelation he wants to give to you. It probably won’t be as vivid as what John saw. You may not even see a thing. But the Lord will speak to you through His Word if you let Him. He will quiet our souls with His presence if we will be still and know that He is God. He will encourage us through others who have words of wisdom to share. Let us be attentive to the whispers of the Lord. For God’s whispers bring life and healing to dry places. He is living water.

Because of this imminent hope, this passage in Revelation 22 should thrill us and fill us with such excitement and anticipation for eternity that we just can’t restrain ourselves from declaring the gospel message in which we believe. John was privileged with this revelation of the end of times and the coming Christ, and so entrusted to share it. Likewise, we are entrusted with the gospel message for the hope of all who would call on the name of the Lord. Partnering with God in evangelism hinges on our desperation to share this good news with others. Not that God needs us. But He does want us to partner with Him. If we don’t feel the need to do so, we risk missing the opportunity to contribute to God’s cause of salvation on the earth. We must join with Him in reaching out to others who need hope in the midst of their rocky, barren circumstances. For Jesus is never too far away to reveal Himself.

Let this passage in Revelation 22 be an encouragement for our souls as we learn about the coming of our redeemer Jesus Christ. The One who reigns with bold authority and gentle love. The One in whom the river of life is found. Let us drink from the river of life together, and offer this overflowing cup of living water to all those who will partake.

Summary of Revelation 22

The angel shows John the river of life that flows through the middle of the new city of heaven; John describes the river and then the tree of life with its 12 kinds of fruit; the leaves are for the healing of the nations; there will no longer be anything accursed; the throne of God and the Lamb will be worshiped by His people; His people will see God’s face; God’s name will be on their foreheads; there will be no more night because the Lord will be the eternal light; God and His people will reign forever; Jesus speaks to John, telling him that His words are true and that the angel has been sent to prophecy about these future events; Jesus says that He is coming soon; Jesus says that the person who keeps the words of the book of Revelation is blessed; John testifies that he is the one who saw and heard these things; John falls down to worship the angel who told him all these things, but the angel tells him not to worship him but only to worship God; Jesus tells John to not keep what he has seen a secret because the time is near for it to take place; Jesus again says that He is coming soon, as He is the Alpha and Omega; Jesus says that the ones who wash their robes in order to enter into this new city of heaven are blessed; Jesus declares that the ones outside the doors are the ones who practice falsehood; Jesus declares that he has sent the angel to testify about these future events recorded in the book of Revelation for the original audience, the seven churches (mentioned in chapters 2-3) in Asia Minor; Jesus is the descendant of David and the bright morning star; Jesus invites any who are thirsty to come and partake of this water of life; Jesus warns everyone who hears or reads the prophecies of this book that if they try to take away from these words or add to them, they will not inherit the kingdom; Jesus says again that He is coming soon.


Jesus in Revelation 22

Jesus is the Lamb (v. 1)

Jesus’ throne and God’s throne is the source of the water of life (v. 1)

Jesus’ river of water of life flows through the middle of the city (v. 2)

Jesus’ living water is accessible to all in the city (v. 2)

Jesus’ tree of life brings healing to the nations (v. 2)

Jesus’ throne removes the former curse of sin (v. 3)

Jesus will be worshiped by His people (v. 3)

Jesus’ face is seen by His servants (v. 4)

Jesus is accessible (v. 4)

Jesus is available (v. 4)

Jesus lives with His people (v. 4)

Jesus’ Name will be on the foreheads of His people (v. 4)

Jesus abolishes night and darkness (v. 5)

Jesus is an eternal light (v. 5)

Jesus will reign forever with His people (v. 5)

Jesus says these words (of Revelation) are trustworthy and true (v. 6)

Jesus is faithful to His word (v. 6)

Jesus is honest (v. 6)

Jesus sends an angel to shows His servants what will soon take place (v. 6)

Jesus says He is coming soon (v. 7)

Jesus warns (v. 7)

Jesus blesses the One who keeps the words of the this book (v. 7)

Jesus reveals these things to John, his beloved disciple (v. 8)

Jesus says to not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book (v. 10)

Jesus possesses a sense of urgency (v. 10)

Jesus says to persist in righteousness  (v. 11)

Jesus says to persist in holiness (v. 11)

Jesus says again that He is coming soon (v. 12)

Jesus declares He is bringing His reward with Him (v. 12)

Jesus is a giver (v. 12)

Jesus will repay each one for what he or she has done (v. 12)

Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega (v. 13)

Jesus is the first and the last (v. 13)

Jesus is the beginning and the end (v. 13)

Jesus is supreme over all (v. 13)

Jesus blesses those who wash their robes by His blood (v. 14)

Jesus’ blood alone allows entry into the city (v. 14)

Jesus rejects those who have rejected His blood (v. 15)

Jesus sends His angel to testify about the seven churches (v. 16)

Jesus is the root (v. 16)

Jesus is the descendant of David (v. 16)

Jesus is the bright morning star (v. 16)

Jesus’ Spirit invites all those who will respond to partake of His living water (v. 17)

Jesus desires all to choose life in Him (v. 17)

Jesus satisfies our thirst with the water of life (v. 17)

Jesus’ invitation is free of price (v. 17)

Jesus warns the person who tries to distort the book of Revelation (v. 18)

Jesus will add plagues to a person who adds to the words of Revelation (v. 18)

Jesus will take away the share of the city and the tree of life from the person who takes away from the words of Revelation (v. 19)

Jesus reiterates that He is coming soon (v. 20)

“And Behold, I am coming soon. Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.”

–Revelation 22:7 –

Questions for Today:

“Stand in Awe” by Hillsong Worship

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