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  • See New Heaven

    See New Heaven

    New Heaven. Jesus awaits New Heaven with you where the waterfalls flow outside of time and gravity. It’s a fluorescent flowing. A technicolor light of indigo and sunflower…

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  • Drain The Sea

    Drain The Sea

    Light flashes. Thunder roars. Clouds roll. Sounds barrel from the holy One running for His Bride when the sky opens. Behold the glory… it’s a once in a lifetime occurence. The only occurence of the second return of Christ. He is coming and when He does, He will bring peace to the world. God’s arms…

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  • Here Comes The Bride

    Here Comes The Bride

    There’s a carol fluttering… humming in the garden. The wedding bells are ringing… ringing… ringing… 

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  • Getting to Know Jesus: Revelation 5

    I just can’t get over the book of Revelation. Although confusing at times, this book remains as a source of encouragement for me because it initiates a shift in perspective away from myself onto something much greater. No matter how overwhelming or anxious my situations may seem, getting a glimpse of Jesus in His glory…

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  • Getting to Know Jesus: Revelation 3

    In the Revelation of Jesus Christ, revealed to John on the island of Patmos, Jesus spends chapter 2-3 verbalizing what John is to write to the seven churches in Asia Minor. Scattered across the Anatolia Peninsula (or present day Western Turkey) these seven churches include Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea, originating in…

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  • Getting to Know Jesus: Revelation 22

    To know that Jesus is coming soon comforts my soul. No matter what we face in the midst of momentary troubles, Jesus will return to restore our weakened souls into a marvelous reflection of His glory. And we will be forever held in the arms of the One we were made for. The One who…

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  • Getting to Know Jesus: Revelation 1

    Revelation is one of my favorite books of the Bible to read. Granted it’s a little confusing at times. And a lot to take in. But it’s an intriguing read. It talks of prophecies and the return of Christ, the tribulation and the 1000 year reign, heaven and the obliteration of evil, with detailed descriptions…

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