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Heaven’s Kisses




kisses rain like showers above

I’m met with heavenly bliss



no spot left untouched

Wind was blowing all around. Nothing around me except a darkness like outer space filling the sides of my periphery. Light coexisting with the storm. What could provoke fear was at calm. Like a holy shadow, as if I was in the heavens and something majestic was taking place. Pure… good.

Lightning flashed.

Wind sweeping all around.

Rain started to pour.

I felt raindrops pitter-pattering on my face.

But they weren’t rain drops…

…they were kisses like raindrops.

I could see and feel the shape of lips on each drop.

Endless kisses were covering my face and blowing in the wind… I felt innocent and perfect, my face like dew from the moisture and no need for anything to beautify it. Kissed over and over… loved. Since then I keep thinking about it. What I saw. What I felt.

I believe this vision is for all of us as God’s beloved and I want to encourage you.

God wants to kiss His people with love… nourishing the deep places of your heart.

In that place, His love puts you at ease.

God kisses you over and over…

He loves you… He loves you… He loves you.

And this love is potent… it’s deeper than everything else we’ve encountered. ❤️

kiss us with the kisses of Your love, Jesus

love us with the love of Your heart

Your love is life to us


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