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  • Word Alignment

    Word Alignment

    I love Your Word, God. Love letters, they are, like rose petals falling from the Heavenly clouds. God has a word for you like refreshment from the living waters. He is living water, and He gave you His Word for you to receive it. Living, breathing, flying words of God speak to the depths of…

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  • Reign with The King

    Reign with The King

    God’s name is holy. The name of Jesus. His name provokes a reaction upon interaction with Him. Triggering a heart response. When the name of Jesus is spoken.

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  • The King is Handsome Forever

    The King is Handsome Forever

    “You are the most handsome of the sons of men; grace is poured upon your lips

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  • A Life Worth Saving

    “For He chose us in Him, before the foundation of the world, to be holy and blameless in His sight.” Ephesians 1:5 Before you were ever born, Jesus claimed you as a life worth saving. A life worth keeping. A life He wanted to die for. Psalm 139 speaks of the intimacy between God and…

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  • Lily of the Valleys and Healing Contagions

    Leaves were swaying softly outside the window. The empty space of the room beckoned a melody as I scrolled through the songs awaiting play. I didn’t know which one to choose this time. What song do you want to play? I asked God. I waited… Scrolling through the ones I usually have on repeat. Extravagant,…

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  • When Others Cloud Your Vision

    When Others Cloud Your Vision

      White frames. Pink frames. Brown frames. Sparkly frames. Like picking out the ornamental border on a photograph. Heart-shaped. Round-shaped. Square-shaped. Oval shaped. Akin to the cookie cutters dawning at Christmastime. Sprinkles overflowing were missing this occasion as my decorative pieces scattered the counter. Samples in hand as I made my selections. This time it…

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  • Your Hands Are Not Tied

    Your Hands Are Not Tied

    God has been speaking to me lately about a lot of various words and meanings related to hands. At the onset of this a couple weeks ago I saw a vision and I’ve been thinking about it since. There was large floor before the throne of the Lord. All views were covered in a film…

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  • Heaven’s Kisses

    Heaven’s Kisses

        kisses rain like showers above I’m met with heavenly bliss flooding drenching no spot left untouched Wind was blowing all around. Nothing around me except a darkness like outer space filling the sides of my periphery. Light coexisting with the storm. What could provoke fear was at calm. Like a holy shadow, as…

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  • Jesus Likes Loving You

    Jesus Likes Loving You

    A few weeks ago God spoke something that continues to encourage me. A word of His love. A word of His heart pouring out. I hope it encourages you as well… Jesus likes loving you. ❤️ Music serenades from the speakers as I press play. A delightful melody of soothing cacophonies fill the room. I…

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