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Jesus Likes Loving You

Ocean footprints

A few weeks ago God spoke something that continues to encourage me. A word of His love. A word of His heart pouring out. I hope it encourages you as well… Jesus likes loving you. ❤️

Music serenades from the speakers as I press play.

A delightful melody of soothing cacophonies fill the room. I had just arrived home from work after a long day. Deep breath. A still calmness beckoned as I felt the solace of evening setting in.

In the kitchen my dinner awaits the progression food assumes from market to table. Reds and oranges mixed with the scruffing of potatoes. Music lingering in the spaces between the molecules of oxygen and caramel. Nearby potpourri is simmering with the aroma of Autumn.

The music plays.

My heart wanders out from the kitchen.

One foot anchored on the floor and one foot in the ocean of a melody beckoning me to dance.

“Jesus, I want to give You my love…”

My heart smiles. Dancing is one of my love languages and He knows it well. Many footprints coat the carpet of moments we’ve spent together. And this evening was no different. My heart fluttering even with weakened butterfly wings.

On this day I felt unusually exhausted. I had begun to cook yet I didn’t want it to keep me from dancing with Jesus. It feels good to dance and I wanted to.

I move onto the softness of the carpet beneath my feet.

Tip toes twirling like I’m there in His throne room where time can’t find me, calm is all around me, love is in the air.

Then He whispered something. Something different than all the others times we’ve danced.

“Go into the kitchen, baby girl…”

In that instance He was sweeping in to love me in a different way. In the midst of my exhaustion, He spoke something. And I keep thinking about it…

“I love how you pour out your love on Me. This time I want to pour out My love on you.”

My heart melted…

Like a sea of wax upon an ivory countertop…

“Let’s go finish cutting your potatoes. I know you’re hungry and I want to love you in there. Tonight, you don’t have to do a thing except let Me love you.”

Tip toes flattened as my heel met the softness of the carpet.

I could see Him dancing with me all the way there, like I was standing on the top of His feet as He held me and twirled. I didn’t have to do a thing. I glided back into the kitchen to finish dinner.

All the sudden I felt a shift taking place.

I was becoming the recipient of love and He was becoming the sole lover. He’s always the sole lover but in this relationship, I am a lover in return. My heart loves to pour out love. It’s never a burden for me even if I was feeling more tired. But this time, He wanted me to do nothing and just receive. And to my surprise it felt really soothing. To be the recipient only instead of the giver-recipient. I say giver-recipient because a giver is not only a giver. When we give love, we also receive love simultaneously. I encounter Jesus’ love and then I give it to Him and again it circles.

But on this occasion God wanted me to only be a recipient. To receive His love again and again. And rest.

Sometimes we need that.

To rest and be loved. Not for what we do or who we are. But just because we are alive and breathing and deserve to be loved. We are innately valuable because we exist. God created you in splendor. And everything with splendor gets to be loved. Yes, you. 😊

Like a garden of rose petals cushioned under my feet…

I felt light and held.

This is a word for us as Jesus’ beloved people…

God wants to love us even more than we want to love Him.

When you come to Jesus wanting to pour out your love on Him, He says I want to pour out My love on you. 

He loves you that much. ❤️

God is a selfless lover who likes to love you.

There is no pressure or expectation in this kind of love. It’s easy and simple. Natural and free-flowing like the rushing waters of Niagara Falls that never cease to pour. It’s endless. Because it’s alive and passionate.

You don’t have to do a thing. He just loves…

God cherishes the moments I dance with Him. But sometimes He wants to dance for me and love me without me doing anything in return.

I find God shows us how to love.

Love can’t help itself but to love. To the lover it’s not diffiuclt, it’s always easy. Because love is one of the most indestructible forces in the universe. It withstands everything. And persists no matter the difficulties. Love keeps loving. Because it wants to.

Because Jesus pours out His love on us, we can pour out our love on each other. And it’s easy to love each other with this kind of love… this God kind of love.

I see Jesus coming to pour out His love on you…

He’s captivated by you.

Looking at you with love.

Pouring out His heart, dripping with blood and oil.

We come alive…

I think that is a picture of Jesus’ heartbeat for us.

God loves to pour out His love on you… because you are His treasure. God is a God of love and He delights in giving it. We only love Him because He first loved us (1 John 4:19). And He is always there to pour out His love on you… flowing to the deepest crevices of your heart.

I anticipate many more dances with Jesus. And it naturally flows this way like a circle of rejuvenation. But it feels good to know He likes loving me more. In this relationship of love with Jesus it’s a delight to love and be loved.

He relieves every pressure… soothes exhaustion… revives us with passionate love.

In the kitchen I began cutting my potatoes again.

I imagined Jesus sitting there at the dining table in the hues of my mind. Coming near to hold me. He liked watching me cut my potatoes. And I liked that He was there. 😊

He likes to be there with you too…

Invite Him in and He will come…

Jesus likes to love you..

Jesus is the One who washes our feet.

He will always be the One who does the loving for us, to us.

“Jesus poured water into a basin and began to wash His disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around Him.” John 13:5

God says, you’ll never be too difficult for Me to love. And I’ll never make it hard on you to love Me. It’s simple. Easy.

embrace the affections

of My heart

soak in the embers of

My eyes burning

into yours

Forever I live to love you ♥️


John 15:9

“As the Father has loved Me, so have I loved you. Abide in My love.”

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