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Lovers Love

Choose Him cover
When You said, “Seek My face,” my heart said to You, “Your face, O Lord, I shall seek.” Psalm 27:8

What beckons the soul to choose the living God who chose us first. What moves my heart to need His love and find I’m alive from the light in His eyes. He wants us… beckons us… heart inviting us to choose Him like He chose us the moment He formed us.


a lover is God, who longs to be loved

a master who forces is not what He does

gentle yet powerful

kindness alight

with fiercest devotion

that never dies


He wants you to come to life… to find the happiness you’ve tried to find…


come close

and you’ll see

He’s more than you think


adventure expanding

in wonder unseen

the sunlight revolving

around the King

who could cease every planet

from moving a beat


one whisper

is all to takes

to know His love

is ever awake


Come fill the atmosphere our breath contains.


We breathe in the heavens because He breathes… because He sings… because He keeps… His life-giving blood surging through our veins.


it’s love…

it’s everything outside of this place

it’s God…

coming near to invade every space


arrangement of marriage

is not what You need

a lover who chooses You

that’s what You seek


Your face… eyes simmer in the embers of a fire You ignited in the Garden of Eden. One look and You were smitten. One kiss and I am taken by You forever.


Jesus be my love

forever ❤️


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