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The Greeting of A King


Greeting of a King cover

split open is the night

as every eye

awakens bright

feel the warmth of Jesus’ smile

welcoming souls

into the light

of love divine


living water is the fountain

misting up within the grounds

of Heaven’s stream


come away with me

and drink


I can hear the spirit


feel the ocean’s

inauguration with the deep

beneath a sky

that knows the greeting of

a King


waves cascading



stars pirouetting



winds inspiring


to glorify

the valiant entry of the King


come awaken



love invading from the spring



every darkness

from the

breadth of eternity


every heart is glistening

eyes upgraded


by the One who holds

me close

and never leaves


life defying gravity

as we behold

the dawning beauty of

the greeting

of the King


“Your eyes will behold the King in His beauty;

they will see a land that stretches afar.”

Isaiah 33:17

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