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Liquify Me

how beautiful the dwelling place
Your glory enthrones
where Heaven drapes
the skies

wash over me

be held My love
in Heaven’s waves
My love transcends
all time and space
to p o u r
over you


my King
Your strength
it radiates
Your heart it beautifies
every space
one glance of Your face
all life illuminates
with one move of Your frame
all the earth liberates into lavish
arrays of wonder

and I’m m e l t i n g in You

melt me again my King
till every element is drowning
in the incense flowing out
liquify me
till I’m spilled out
from the love light pouring down
and all is rising up to crown
You King of all

my Jesus
You’re King of all

the King of valor
adorns His bride
under the light
of the tree of life
and all kingdoms must fall
all darkness
must scatter
when Jesus regathers
beloveds to glorify
in His likeness

all will behold Him

into eternity

feel the fountains
of My love
He says
cascading above
adorn Me
with your affection
for you are My passion

immerse Me

my King You’re everything
I breathe
and everything I need
to drink You in
then pour on you
until every drop is given
and replenished to do it all over again

from eternity to eternity
I’ll love You again and again

“Jesus said, “Whoever believes in Me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”
John 7:38

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