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Burning Fire

In Your presence aflame
all my soul feels the blazing
of Your gaze

I want more of You Lord
outpour the reward
of Your warmth
enswarming me
encircling me
enveloping me
like the wind surrounding me
before the rain above
when Your love
is emerging

and after the rain
when Your love
is combusting
every wall
that stands between us

Your love is ferocious
the gnosis
of holiest virtue

and I am held by You

basking in You
like the wonders
of the world
to see You
lifted high

its riveting
what You do to me
over and over
my King

I want more of you My love

release the oil
of your lips upon Me
moving me
delighting me
like shooting stars
when I paint ethereal wonder
in the sky

alive in your eyes
there’s a burning fire
I love that I’m
the One
who lights it
My beloved

let Me be your heart’s desire

and I’ll be
precocious like the roses
before the sun has dawned
for You are the One who spawns
the light of beauty
along the horizon
when tide is rising
and rising
and higher
every minute
as You beckon
my soul to
upon the pinnacle
of passion with You
in love

sunlight twirls
when the earth

speechless awaiting
Your every embrace

enthrall me God
again and again
like the day
when You met me
and made me

My lips
will never taste another
besides you
I live to love you
My Bride

“Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth. For Your love is better than wine.” 💕
Song of Solomon‬ ‭1:2

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