Category: Passion

  • Never Wasted

    Never Wasted

    Roses rain from Heaven in the moments love is spoken from the heights of Heaven’s holy throne. God is speaking. God is seeking every heart to come and drink of Zion’s hope. The King of passionate love invokes your affection. Leave a mark on history and bring Him every ounce of vigor, for He is…

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  • Patient Passionate Flames

    The King speaks with fire. Love’s desire. Combusts the flames of love transpired from His higher passion wired with a flaming heart of sapphires. You would admire it. If you could feel it. Can you feel it? Passionate love Don’t settle for less.

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  • Lovers’ Belonging

    Lovers’ Belonging

    You belong to me and I to you. Just like the moon betrothed to the night amidst the tune of endless starlight. Fire beckons fire.  Sunrise beckons sunrise. Water beckons water. Sunset beckons sunset to align on the horizon of eternity’s sky wherever the hemisphere brightens the light of God shining at every dimension.

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  • Jesus Saves The Last Dance

    Jesus Saves The Last Dance

    When the music starts playing he knows what to do. And where to find you. When he holds you and moves you

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  • Purity Cleanse

    Purity Cleanse

      It was the moment I was most in love with You… that my heart was rivaled. Another lover. Another enchantment. I had an affair. With a man like God. He never touched me but he did in my dreams. He never kissed me but he did in my fantasies. And before I knew it…

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  • Flawless Love

    Flawless Love

    He fell in love with a woman, they sound. He looks into her eyes at the moment a close embrace aligns with the music’s cadence of the foxtrot. And stays there…

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  • Guard Your Passion

    Guard Your Passion

    Passionate love… I’m captivated thinking about Your passionate love… swept away when I’m drowning in Your passionate love… here to stay when I’m held in Your passionate love ablaze from Heaven.

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  • Lit By Love

    Lit By Love

    You cleansed me the moment I felt You in the artistry

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  • How To Kiss

    How To Kiss

    Jesus’ kisses ripple into the body transcending the physical… igniting the spiritual…

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  • Intimate and Unashamed

    Pure love is unrestrained. Free and passionate.

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