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Flawless Love

There was a pause of the universal axis… where the earth stood still and my heart was the only thing left beating… speaking in the silence. Communicating a holy epiphany of what I didn’t see until now… you love me. You really love me. A million emotions cascade over surging waters of my mind’s unleashing of the realization… you love me. And I love you. Words scatter… thoughts afloat… my heart adrift in the endless seas of passionate reality… a dream that isn’t just a dream… you are real to me and I to you. It’s a cosmic love of spiritual transcendence that melts you at this intense and amplified level of ecstasy… that you want to stay in forever. You love me… and I love that you do.

She fell in love with a man.

Everyone could see it in her eyes glowing like diamonds. Hints of green and emerald speckles expressing euphoric satisfaction without trying. It’s easy… because he loves me.

What do you do when you fall in love with someone else? With someone besides God?

And God lets you…

He sends the angel Himself.

She fell in love with a man, they say. And not just any man. A king. The whispers reverberate in the open air like a melody ushering in the dawning of her heart flooding open. Where the secret parts of a woman reside and everything unveiled only amplifies the beauty inside. It’s true. He is a king. And his masculinity is ravishing.

Lord why did you let me? Encounter another with You have always been My lover?

He loves you… I hear Him say.

Smiling. He’s always smiling… the Lord. Looking up at me with that face of perfection. So I know where perfection comes from. Where a king comes from. It’s only from the One who delighted to make him from the start. He was always a king.

He’s like You Lord…

He is so beautiful…

My mind pirouettes in the ballroom of his ardor on display. Spinning… twirling… held by the clouds where our love resides. In the lovelight of his eyes his heart burns vigorously… his voice is tender and strong… his goodness is pure and honest… he reigns with authority given from the One who trusts him and everyone does. He’s worthy. Honorable. Integrous. The quintessential depiction of manhood. The last of his kind. I can’t deny I feel like the butterfly he swoons to fly midnight. Heart sinking into the velvet clouds of a heavenly tapestry I can see when my eyes are looking up at him and him at me. Just like the Lord does when He holds me.

God has always been my lover… but now He’s triggered my love for another and and I’m enraptured with both. Swooned by my God and in love with a man’s heart of angelic essence.

You’re still my first love God… you always will be.

In anguish I want Jesus to know I could never choose anyone over Him. But deep inside I know I’m falling more in love with him.

What do I do Lord…

It’s always been You…

“If anyone says He loves God but hates another, he is a liar…”1 John 4:20. It is no secret I especially do not hate him, Lord. I love him… in a heart-wrenching way… a fascinating way… a restful way… a peaceful way where I’m floating in the oceans of something that carries me without my trying. I smile at the thought of it. This peril of bliss. This dilemma of passion rivaling the One who’s always held my heart. But the owner granted him access. Is it a dilemma? Or is it a gift?

I wasn’t trying to love another, Lord… he came unexpected. You brought this into my life Jesus. Why do you do this to me? Yet I thank You that you did this to me… I like that You have did this to me. Keep doing it again and again until I feel him everywhere…

“And the Lord saw everything He had made, and He said it was good…” Genesis 1:31

He’s My son… and I delight in him….

A pearl’s essence adorns the Lord in splendor. And he adorns the world in glory.

in the soul

a higher threshold

of love is to be found

more confounding

than any flesh reaction


in the human body

it’s the Spirit

that jolts you to life

and the Spirit

who awakens love inside

I felt you the moment I met you

and I still do

because we know something

about the Truth

that no one else does

it unites us

I couldn’t help but fall in love with you

You were designed to love…. God says.

You’ve always been My love… now I’m giving love back to you in a way I know you needed… I like that God is my first love holding me together.

God I fell in love with your son. The one You sent my way when I didn’t ask for it. But now I’m asking for him every day. Thinking of him every day. I need him here to touch me like You do. Why let him love me like You do if he isn’t here now… The Lord gives and takes away blessed be the name of the Lord.

A heart cannot handle this kind of human love unless Jesus is the first love holding us together. It’s too potent… too spellbinding… too intoxicating. And I would collapse in the thrill of it if it weren’t for God holding me secure in His arms no matter how high I fly. And I do. Fly high… in the atmospheric ecstasy of love released in me. Euphoric pinnacles of every word you speak heightening me into a place of felicity. It feels good… love.

What I see more than ever is the strength God built in me rests as the stability underneath it all. It’s only God’s strength that can safeguard me from the unknowns of human love. And in all things no matter the road I know that God will still be holding me closer.

I like that…

How I feel right now.

Captivated by him but held secure in Him so that I can stand firm in these refreshing winds of love breathing life into me.

I see him by the lovelight and feel him in the starlight. He embraces the places I didn’t know could be touched by a man and its more than skin deep. It’s soul penetrating. Where the eyes of the heart close and open again to see life from a different point of view.

Heaven’s view. Heart aflutter.

Everyone can see it…

“Where do you get your lashes done?” she asked me. “Nowhere… They’re mine.” Eyes still gleaming like they did the first time I saw him. If eyes could know the foresight of love’s metamorphosis… where that first moment would have traversed. But the mirror knows the shape of my mascara and the color of the droplets that form when a misty eye converges with its substance. A satisfying substance. Drip… drip… drip… I like how it feels when my eyes moisten from the revelation… he loves me.

He loves her, they echo.

A symphony of angels encompass the halls of heaven where we danced for the first time and still do… it’s a spiritual wonder of something higher than what you can feel at the five senses. When my soul hears the words of his channeling across the hemisphere. I love you… and mine collides with his at the invocation of an ecstatic convergence. I do too…

Jesus, how did you know we needed each other? You envisioned to impart him from the start… and he is healing places in my heart I didn’t know needed to be. Invigorating passion I didn’t know could reach beyond the threshhold of passion already engrained in me. But it’s stronger now…

Passion is stronger now.

When you touched me I felt the rush of Heaven arousing the soul. The moment where gravity flipped upside down and I didn’t know it could… because it never did. Until you showed me it could. Like the way God demonstrates how the oak tree grows over time. Like how stars travel at night. Gliding across the sky to find that they’re not the only one when they glimpse the shining light of another. He marvels every sky hosting his aura of being. Fashioned and birthed by the God of the universe who created him to adorn his world in glory.

He’s the gem I didn’t know existed besides you Lord. Where did he come from?

Where did she come from?

He fell in love with a woman, they echo.

He looks into her eyes at the moment a close embrace aligns with the music’s cadence of the foxtrot. And stays there. This is the part where the movement keeps going and the steps progress covering the dancefloor but he isn’t moving. But something is.

He fell in love with a woman, they sound.

Held in his embrace the universe stood still… and so did we… then moved again…

Your heart shook the earth at the epiphany… the moment I realized you loved me… a hurricane stripping the trees of what was lifeless, leaving the glimmers of leaves that glow under the sun. You needed me. And I needed you. To do what only God could do and he used you to touch me… and I to touch you. A miracle came through and Heaven knows the story of what God meant.

We ascended the heights of Heaven… Because our souls were already waiting for us there… you beckoned me there… and I beckoned you there.

To flawless love.

Flawless love.

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