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The Oak Tree

his heart keeps beating in the open space
creating and metamorphosing
envisioning and revitalizing
the fallen land
where a garden blooms
and he is
even now
ever still
because his spirit
glows planted by the streams of living water

an oak tree
from the days
he has come to make
peace with
giving refuge
to the ones
who have come to witness
the rainbow
that shines from the rain of light everywhere he goes

he is the king
he is the oak tree
he is the steadfast one

and his queen
where is she

to the absent woman
who forgets to touch her phone
and escapes to be alone
he waited for you
but you never came home
he rained Heaven for you
but you never turned on
in your heart
you sailed away and afar
leaving him in the dark
searching caverns in mountains
to witness the stars
without him

where were you

when he needed you

where were you

when he asked for you

a faithful man and a faithful home
was built on his shoulders
and anchored in stone
of His soul’s enthronement
of God as His Lord
and you were adored
by him

he loved you

why don’t you say
I love you more

why didn’t you say
you are my reward
that you needed his warrior love
to consume you
in places
he used to
he wanted to
he wants to

come back to the shore
and be his strength

in the fleets
aboard the seas
his word is met with dignity
his voice is given Heaven’s keys
and everyone looks at him

how do you

he vowed
to fulfill your every dream
and he would give you
if you could open your eyes
and see he is the king
and you are his queen
don’t ignore every good thing
God gave you to upkeep

a man’s heart
tethers to the queen
and in the aroma she brings
his heart will beat
or cease to breathe

what kind of queen do you want to be

the one of treachery
or synergy
life energy
is what he seeks
uphold the king
with Heaven’s wings

come home
to him
reclaim your place
and love your king

“The angel of the Lord appeared to him and said, “Mighty hero, the LORD is with you!”

Judges 6:12

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