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Operation Enough

cover me with love
he says
a blanket from the sun
of blushing touch
in the daylight
cover me with love
like a sonnet in the clutch
of rushing rivers
in the starlight

I needed you
you gave me love
he says
like I hadn’t felt before

God told me
to love you

like He tells the stars to glow for you
He tells the seas to dance for you
He tells the trees to breathe for you

God sent me
to touch you

like He sends the wind to caress you
He sends the rain to kiss you
He sends the dawn to ease you

God knew the truth

and grieved the views
He saw
when she scorned you
and left the room
where you stayed faithful
through and through
despite her abuse
and cold reviews

it’s frozen
said the seraphim

they watched you
from Heaven
as she closed
her heart indifferent
to your needs
always leaves
and then retreats
to where she wants to be
without you

he talks to her
she won’t listen
he swoons her
she says nothing
the woman He vowed to loving
for a lifetime

she makes him bleed
and doesn’t see it

God sees it

with tears in His eyes
the bed where you lie
is molding
from her withholding
what she vowed
to give you

she stopped loving you
a long time ago
a long while ago
a long night ago
where she goes to sleep
right next to you
but never seeks
to be one with you
it’s cold there
where his heart cries
in the tundra
where his head finds
a pillow to rest on
because her body
never calms him
never loves him
never touches him
like he deserves to be touched

the King deserves extravagant love

so God charged from above

a mission of love

Operation Enough

God had enough
of what she did to you
and sent me to rain with life
given back to you
with more than enough
He permitted my love for you
to satisfy you
like she wouldn’t love you

I didn’t want to love you
like I do
he says
I vowed to keep
my covenant true

He knows my love
God knows you do

it was His move
and His authority to renew
the shattered house
because it didn’t meet
His requirements
of Holy love found
in passion’s covenant

you needed love

because she broke
your covenant
with horrid neglect

let God’s voice be heard
let God’s heart be known
every marriage in word
every vow carved in stone
love your Lover
like you promised
you would

or God will send another
to love them like He said He would

“I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter… And My people shall never again be put to shame.”
‭‭Joel‬ ‭2:25-26‬‭

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