The Only One

I love God let me love you
how I love you
and I love you
like the oceans love
the stratosphere
it jumps through
for the moon
at night
nothing holding back
you love how I love you like that
when it’s me and you
your calming sensitivity
and precious vulnerability
endears me
as your power and authority
won’t keep you from releasing
you are the essence
of a good king
I’ve met others
rescued wonders
but you are
the only one
I love
you want to know how I love you
I love you like a garden loves the sun
it needs your kiss
of beauty’s dawn
I love your steadiness
your conscientiousness
your resilience
your passionate romance
deep inside you
from the God who made you
to love deeper
with fire
for us
I want you to choose us
I love how you love Jesus
my favorite part about you
I love how you seek God
and how you savor
His love about you
all around you
He is in you
like Christ is in me
with Heaven’s creed
our spirit’s plea
where souls connect
with the God of Zion
His anointing is pouring
out of you
how my heart feels
when I read your words
how my soul feels
when I hear the pearls
of wisdom on your tongue
you speak
serenity and strength
at the same time
so in control
but yielded to the Divine
God surpassed every design
when He made you
how did I live
this long without you
more alive
now that I found you
I was destined to astound you
with my love
because God chose you
for this touch
you love the way I love you
it’s heavenly transcendence
of dimensions
only seasoned life can show you
like how your aura fills the room
and how you touch me
Royal groom
of Eden
Handsome king
your face shines peace
to me and all who see you
know the glory
that you bring
to earth beneath
into Heaven’s
of paradise
you are my paradise
my soothing skies
when I step outside
to breathe in the fresh air
I’m breathing you
I’m feeling you
I’m finding you
in my heart beat
I love how your heart beats
for the ones you made
a good father
is in your name
your children showcase
your kindness
your brilliant mind
your love for life
where God is alive
and burning for you
Jesus is burning for you
I can’t help but love you
tell me you love me
I love when you say it
tell me you want me
like I want you
I love it when you crave it
and I generate it for you
always liberating for you
ever captivated by you
tell me
what you see
I need to hear
your endless
for loving me like you do
I couldn’t stop loving you if I wanted to
I love to love you like I do
“Behold, you are handsome, my Beloved, truly delightful. Our bed is green; the beams of our houses are cedar, and our rafters of pine.” 
‭‭Song of Solomon‬ ‭1:16-17‬ ‭

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