Category: Belief

  • Fearless Freedom

    Fearless Freedom

    Fearless. Reckless. Boundless. Swept up in the torrent of the Holy Spirit’s breath of life. It’s with you when you believe. Believe in Jesus. Believe in God. Jump, dream, fly, soar, risk, live, run your race and see all God said would manifest from His power.

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  • Jesus Relationships Flourish

    Jesus Relationships Flourish

    Love for Jesus prepares you for healthy relationships. Relationships flourish when there is love for Jesus present. God created marriage between a man and woman who seek Him. Seeking Jesus gives you wholeness and satisfaction in His love. One day with Jesus surpasses it all. His love ignites your purpose.  “For a day in your…

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  • Faith Up

    Faith Up

    Faith up. Rise up. Show up. Soar up high above the earth’s crust where hope dances in the hands of God. It’s here above the world you find a God superceding every thought and every question. His presence surpasses every mountain and penetrates every ocean. His heart is deep as the deepest sea and high…

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  • Unified Belief

    Unified Belief

    One with God… at the moment of His Holy Spirit’s beckoning. One with God… at the revelation He is King. One with God…

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