Category: Freedom

  • Freedom In Jesus

    Freedom In Jesus

    Hallelujah sounds the soul liberated by Jesus. Praise the King sings the spirit set free by the holy One. He is the author of weightless living, where your soul lives high above the earth it dwells. He is the creator unencumbered, peaceful existence, where your heart awaits with expectation of Jesus’ return. It is reasonable…

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  • God Will Interrupt You

    God Will Interrupt You

    Love’s interruptions. Divine collisions. Unexpected disruptions from the Heavens sending the Holy fire of God. Let Your glory surround us, Lord. You have the priority. Your love has the right-of-way. “And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. And divided…

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  • Dance For God

    Dance For God

    Gravity freezes in motion when the God of all land and ocean lifts you high into the sky to breach the Heavens. Twirl upon the clouds for Him. Leap across the stars for Him. Dance and sing like butterflies with wings He made for flight into infinity. God delights when you dance for Him. King…

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  • Intimate and Unashamed

    Pure love is unrestrained. Free and passionate.

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  • When Others Cloud Your Vision

    When Others Cloud Your Vision

      White frames. Pink frames. Brown frames. Sparkly frames. Like picking out the ornamental border on a photograph. Heart-shaped. Round-shaped. Square-shaped. Oval shaped. Akin to the cookie cutters dawning at Christmastime. Sprinkles overflowing were missing this occasion as my decorative pieces scattered the counter. Samples in hand as I made my selections. This time it…

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