Category: Miracles

  • Faith Up

    Faith Up

    Faith up. Rise up. Show up. Soar up high above the earth’s crust where hope dances in the hands of God. It’s here above the world you find a God superceding every thought and every question. His presence surpasses every mountain and penetrates every ocean. His heart is deep as the deepest sea and high…

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  • The Tundra Rose

    The Tundra Rose

    shimmering peachy pink like a Valentine rose dipped in glitter.

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  • When It Rains

    When It Rains

      God is always up to something big when it rains. I feel it so often. This past Sunday God came in with strength and captivating love. I keep thinking about it. I see it in the storm. I see it in His protective, warrior love over us. I see it in how it went…

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