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Holy Love

high above me
I feel You
and I’m high above me
as I breathe you
in my veins
and pores aflame
The King of Kings
The Lord of lords
there’s no one who touches
my core
like you do

I love Your love God
I need Your love God
I feel Your love God
I want Your love God
in the summer gleams
or falling leaves
enraptured by You God
my King

You’re still holding me
the same way
You did yesterday
and the day before
You didn’t
and I didn’t drop You
tomorrow You’ll still be
clutching me
because I’m Your treasure
and I always will be

Your passion washes over me
Your mercy gently cradles me
Your loyalty is bound to me
and I to You
You are the One
I cling to
when the winds sweep me
up with You
in Your Holy presence

Stay with me You say

Your presence
is where I want to stay forever

to encounter You
to empower me
to envelop me
in Your Holy power
far beyond me
I come alive when You fill me
Holy Ghost
wholly known
and wholly chosen
to carry Your Name passionate

enamor me with Your presence

Your presence
is the highest present
the greatest Heaven
the only leaven
I want in the Bread
of life You made
for me
to taste
from Your body
given to crave You

be one with me You say
Jesus I’ll be One with you forever

my King You never change
Your affection for me
will always remain
I’m smitten by You
my heart won by You
the only God who saved my life

Jesus Christ
He is the Lover I desire

You knew me from birth
anointed me
with intrinsic worth
from the heart of Your own
treasure chest
You say come closer
My lover
let Me hold you
closer than ever

He loves you like that
oh so deeply He loves you

the Lord sets you aflame
honors your days
affirms your name
sends the winds and rains
to kiss you upon the face
of redemption
looking up to the Heavens
in love with Him

be in love with Him
the God who loves you

You are My beautiful treasure
says the Lord
You are My pure delight
says your King
of fire
and ice
and light
and might

let Him love you with His Holy love

Jesus You are
the Lover
my soul desires

“The mountains melt like wax at the presence of the Lord
at the presence of the Lord of all the earth. The heavens proclaim His righteousness; all the peoples see His glory.” Psalm 97:5-6

“Then the cloud covered the tent of meeting and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle.” 

Exodus 40:34

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