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His Song

the heart bleeds open
when it’s lover finds another
I knew I loved you
but then there were two
how can I love you
and love him too

unravel it
unfurl it
unhinge it
ribbon by ribbon
thread by thread
the rawness of love
the realness of being

I said I didn’t love you

but I didn’t mean it
I said I didn’t need you
but my soul could
see it
wasn’t true
I tried to do
what I had to do
let go
but I couldn’t
if I wanted to

do you still love me
how I love you

I said I didn’t love you
but you didn’t believe it
I said I didn’t miss you
but you wouldn’t receive it
you sent me
your heart
persists beating
your mind
insists seeking
your soul
enlists legions
of angels
to war and breathe
for me
in rain
or snow
you said I love you
even more than you know
in the beauty exposed
by the roses
that blossom
with lilies
in the sun
of love

my heart is undone
for you
my bride

his song
keeps playing
for me every night

while you’re toiling awake
working your day
looking for ways
to forget about me
I won’t let you
he says
I’ll send my love

while you’re sleeping halfway
dreaming my face
praying for ways
to forget about me
I won’t let you
he says
I’ll win your love

His song
of lover’s love
plays over me
like rivers flood
like forests stand
in the wind
of passion’s zeal
and my heart
can feel
the freedom
of my own
knowing me
like Jesus knows me

he wants to know me
the real me

sing to me again
tell me you love me again

I’ll send my love
to you forever
he says
like the stars love the moon
like the trees hold its fruit
like the seas need a tune
to dance to
when the waves
the seashore
in the moonlight

I’ll send my love to you
I say
like the gardens kiss the sea
like the rain anoints the deep
like the love belongs to me
when summer gleams 
turn into spring
we’ll dance
through winter
in between
the starlight

feel my love
in the lovelight
of passion’s fire
over you
my bride
day and night
clouds or shine
my heart
new ways to love you
new ways to touch you
new ways to find you
and I intend to
ensure I’ll never have to
live without you

I won’t forget you
and you won’t forget me

your love is my reality

“You are a locked garden, my love, my bride; you are an enclosed spring, a sealed-up fountain.”

Song of Solomon 4:12


“I was asleep, but my mind was dreaming. Listen! My lover is knocking at the door! “Open for me, my sister, my darling, my dove, my flawless one! My head is drenched with dew, my hair with the dampness of the night.” Song of Solomon 5:2



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