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  • The Fire of Love

    The Fire of Love

    Spark it. Ignite it. Combust it. Detonate it in the day or in the night. Heaven’s hearth is burning bright where Jesus’ heart is open wide for His Beloved. Real love never stops beating with the heartbeat of Heaven. Heartbeats from God’s soul pulsate all the way to earth’s crust. Taste the magnitude of every…

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  • Love Won’t Leave

    Love Won’t Leave

    Love dwells forever in the heart of God. It never stops. It never ceases. Love flames with fiery passion of devotion for His beloved. Let His love impact your heart. Let His love breathe on the earth from Heaven.

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  • Run With Excellence

    Run With Excellence

    Feet set. Head up. Eyes focused. 3…2…1… run! Don’t let up now. Run your race. Who are you running for? You run for the glory of God.

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  • Love Lasts Forever

    Love Lasts Forever

    Written in blood. His love is written in blood so it will never fade away or lose its intensity. It’s immutable. Unchangeable. Irrevocable. Irreversible. His love stands forever. “I will declare Your love stands firm forever, that You have established Your faithfulness in Heaven itself.” Psalm 89:2‬ Heaven’s love is perfect love. God says… I…

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  • Forever Waits For Us

    Forever Waits For Us

    I wait for Himevery day I know He’ll come backto meevery night when the moonshines brightat twilightwaltzing into midnightHis loveignites primedwith heart and soulin stars of goldnever withholdsall He feelsfor me His love isheart-throbbing I wait for herevery day I know she’ll stay herewith meevery night when the rosestower highat twilightbudding into midnightHer lovelights primedwith…

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  • Love Upholds You

    Love Upholds You

    Ageless. Ancient and blameless. Stainless. Flawless… Audacious… The God of eternity to eternity.

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