Category: Kingdom of God

  • Exalt Jesus As King

    Exalt Jesus As King

    Holy fire. Precious choir of the light. Angelic hosts surround God’s flaming bright glory in royalty and desire. His authority and His dominion will have no end. All of earth and all of Heaven begins again… when Jesus takes the Throne. Jesus has the Throne. All bow to Him. “And I heard every creature in…

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  • The King’s Voice

    The King’s Voice

      Shatter my senses… overtake every brainwave soaking in the detonation of your echo. Your voice blasts like thunder roaring in a typhoon’s midnight. The seraphim surround you to witness the cosmic boom with replies of “holy holy holy” is the King. The Lord Almighty is His name. Can you enunciate like the Lord? “Or…

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  • Angels Guard

    Angels Guard

    Angels will minister to you when you minister for the Lord. 

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  • Serve Glory

    Serve Glory

    Royalty begins with serving. Jesus bears the marks of One who serves. Calloused hands. Nail lacerations. Blood streaked. Sweat seeping into the pores. This is what it looks like to be the King of the Universe.

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  • Warrior Princess

    Warrior Princess

    A warrior princess…That’s who I am. A warrior King… That’s who the Lord is.

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  • A Kingdom House

    A Kingdom House

    Shining… I’m shining in the lovelight of Your voice singing in the clouds at sunrise. Standing…

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